Designed for every path

Beginner to expert, runner to yogi. CALIA by Carrie Underwood is made for every woman, every level, every workout.

Carrie and some of her friends put CALIA to the test


Carrie's Best Friend

Ivey and Carrie

CALIA pants are my favorite. The concealed phone and key pockets allow me to carry everything I need, bulk-free. And the supportive waist band is a life-saver – I feel secure and ready to go.


Carrie's Bandmate's Wife

Ivey and Carrie

I'm all about the strap detailing. Not only does it give me double the support when I'm moving around, it's really stylish.


Carrie's Trainer On The Road

Eve and Carrie

As a trainer, I'm always working out so CALIA's wicking and antimicrobial technology that repels sweat and odor keeps me feeling fresh throughout the day.

Our Best Designers Are Inspired By Real Women

We're always listening to your feedback, creating looks to fit their fitness needs.

Breathable Mesh
Supportive (and stylish) Straps
Supportive and stylish Straps
Laser-Cut Details
Laser-Cut Details
Shorts in Shorts
Shorts in Shorts
Concealed Pockets
Concealed Pockets

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